Manglar Lodge
Calle 1 Norte
El Palmar, San Carlos, 33172, Panama
+507-345-4014 y +507-240-8970
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Manglar Lodge - El Palmar, San Carlos, Panama

Manglar Lodge is a small beach Hotel located at El Palmar beach on the Pacific coast on the town of San Carlos, Republic of Panama,

If you like nature and comfort, you'll enjoy your stay at Manglar Lodge

Located at El Palmar beach on the Pacific coast on the town of San Carlos, Republic of Panama, Manglar Lodge is a small beach Hotel that offers the visitor four cozy and clean rooms, WiFi, a lounge terrace and gardens where you can relax on the sun, read and watch birds and butterflies. Sometimes you can also see iguanas, squirrels and oposums.

The high tides will bring you nice sunsets next to the mangrove and, depending on the river and swell conditions, you can also try surfing or bodyboarding.

'Help the environment' and animal policy

Manglar Lodge is a small Hotel where we use efficient equipments and light bulbs, water saving toilets and showers, and we recycle whatever we can. We appreciate from our guests and visitors to help us keep the place clean, avoid fires, not to harm any animal and conserve water and energy.

In consideration with other guests, no animal is allowed in the rooms.

On the restaurant and bar educated pet dogs will be allowed only in the terrace outdoors, and every owner is responsible for cleaning any mess. No animals sitting on the chairs, or tables, please.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Manglar Lodge and appreciate your comments so we can improve our services.

Manglar lodge, El Palmar, San carlos, (507) 345-4014 / (507) 240-9680 /

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